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New York Times Best-Selling author Frank Rumbauskas started his sales career doing exactly what his sales managers told him to do: Cold calling to no avail, and wondering why it didn't magically generate the leads and appointments that his trainers and managers told him it would.

After failing miserably at his first job - thanks to spending all of his time cold calling - he soon went from job to job, being told at each one to cold call, yet for some reason it just didn't produce the results he expected.

Frank was soon hired by a Fortune 100 company that, thankfully, didn't advocate cold calling. When Frank inquired why (by then he was brainwashed to believe that cold calling was the only option), his manager simply said, "We don't spend thousands of dollars hiring and training you to have you do the job of a minimum-wage telemarketer." Frank was assigned to a mentor who explained, "A certain percentage of the market will be pre-disposed to buy from you. The trick is to position yourself so those people can find you and call you."

At that point, Frank entered a long period of learning, and trial-and-error method in determining the best methods to attract hot, qualified prospects who were ready and willing to buy. After a couple of years, Frank had developed a staggering number of lead-generation strategies and was consistently exceeding his numbers without any time spent on prospecting.

He soon found himself being approached by colleagues on a regular basis, asking if he'd teach them his "secrets" to attaining such high sales numbers without cold calling or other typical prospecting methods such as going to networking mixers. That's when Frank realized that a market existed for his knowledge, and he then built his strategies into what is now known as his breakthrough Never Cold Call Again system.

Today, Frank is not only an internationally-known best-selling author but a featured speaker at countless events, a highly sought-after marketing consultant, and a serial entrepreneur who has started businesses from consumer retail to an insurance agency to consulting.

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  • >>New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • >>Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
  • >>Winner of Business Book Of The Year from 800-CEO-READ
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